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  1. Dear Sensei,

    We would like to invite you to take part in Warsaw Sabaki Challenge 2015.

    The date of tournament is 18.04.2015.

    Fighters divisions :


    – 14-16 years old

    – 16-18 years ol

    Seniors Colours belt

    – light division up to 70 kg

    – middlle divison up to 80 kg

    – heavy divison up to 80 kg.

    Seniors Brown and black belts

    – light division up to 70 kg

    – middle division up to 80 kg

    – heavy division up to 80 kg

    Please, Let us know who can come to Warsaw to take part in tournament as

    fast as it is possible.


    Poland Enshin Team

    • Dear Poland Enshin Team,

      unfortunetly we planned a seminar on the 18th of April. So we are not able to participate on this tournament.
      But we wish you a good tournament with good fights!

      With best wishes!
      Sempai Marius

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